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"A website must be designed from the point of view of your potential client and the emotional experience they derive from it. Every point of contact with the site must fulfill this requirement. "

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Copywright 2018 Gerard Bianco

Sometimes, I'll head down to one of the coves, overlooking Casco Bay - another Design Room that inspires my creativity. From here, I look across at the islands, follow the ferries from island to island, watch the commercial fishing boats and the lobster fisherman head out to sea, or return after a long, hard day. At certain times of the year, a huge cruise ship pulls into the harbor, bringing tourists eager to buy. Is your website ready to welcome them?

‚Äč"Two of the most outstanding services I can supply to your overall business picture are clarification and direction, without which your business will not succeed."

I Help Businesses with All Their Digital Marketing Needs, Including Web Design & Social Media Marketing

Welcome to one of my Design Rooms.

As you might imagine, I derive my inspiration from many places. From my spot on the roof, I get a bird's-eye view of the beautiful city of Portland. I watch the people come and go to work, shop, or sightsee. Thousands of people walk or drive past me. Everyone has their own story. I often wonder who will tell their stories?

"I use clear, concise, compelling language and images to communicate the benefits of your products and services."

At times, I'll walk on Williard Beach and let the sound of the waves quiet all but the creative sparks I need to write the correct words, choose the perfect images, design the intelligent website, create the marketing plan - all of which will help my clients attract and acquire new prospects.