"Two of the most outstanding services I can supply to your overall business picture are clarification and direction, without which your business will not succeed."

"I use clear, concise, compelling language and images to communicate the benefits of your products and services."

"A website must be designed from the point of view of your client and the emotional experience they garner from it. Every point of contact with the site must fulfill this requirement. "

"Hi, my name is Gerard. Isn't it time your business made an impact on the web? I can help. Let's chat."

Web Design, Copywriting, & Digital Marketing Portland Maine


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From smoky pool halls to award-winning writer and designer, Renaissance Man, Gerard Bianco combines his artistic talents and business savvy to conjure creative impact for his clients. He is founder of Storyteller Marketing, a full-service marketing firm, specializing in website design and copywriting.

His many talents included: jewelry designer, graphic designer, illustrator for firms such as Merrill Lynch and entertainment illustration. He’s also painted portraits for the U.S. Navy. His published books -  a mystery/thriller, a full-length play, and a collection of short stories can be seen and purchased on Amazon. 

30+ years of business savvy and design expertise, coupled with an author's mastery of words, make Gerard Bianco your number-one choice for marketing, website design, and copywriting strategies that work. 

 Here is his 4-Phase Marketing Strategy: 

Fist Step is
DISCOVERY - Offers clarification
Second Step is
PLANNING - Offers direction
Third Step is
IMPLEMENTATION -  Compelling Website Design combined with persuasive copywriting result in creative impact that will motivate people to look at, think about, and purchase your products and services.
Fourth Step is
ANALYSIS - Allows you to see how your marketing is working, allowing for adjustments to garner maximum results