Next stop on the tour will be the Web Design Gallery. We'll need to take the escalator to get there. Careful, hold on to the handrails.

Yes, that's one of my paintings I completed a while back.

Click the escalator to go upstairs to the Website Gallery

I Help Businesses with All Their Digital Marketing Needs, Including Web Design & Social Media Marketing

Do you want to learn how Storyteller Marketing can tell your story and help you achieve your marketing goals? Simply click the button and we'll get in touch.

Welcome to the Conference Room

Care for a Coffee? Now, tell me your story.

The Conference Room is where we discuss 

your business-marketing goals - all the things you hope to accomplish to grow your business. We'll offer ways Storyteller Marketing can help you achieve those goals.

The Conference Room is also where our important "Discovery" session takes place. It's here where I'll ask you a series of questions that will help me to learn your story - who you are; the nature of your business; what separates you from your competition; and how we can successfully create, improve, or even change your brand. What sometimes happens during this session is that we'll unearth things you may not even have known about yourself or your business. We'll also draw a clear picture of your target audience. These sessions last approximately two hours, so be prepared.

Do you see those colored pencils? This is where I will begin to design your website, choosing colors, discussing logo, and the overall feel of what will eventually become your web site. This is a lot of fun!